Funeral Service Law

Chris has 15 years experience in serving the funeral service industry. The Farmer Firm is dedicated to representing you and your funeral service business.

Your Corporate Counsel

Chris has represented and counseled small, medium, and large businesses in all manner of corporate legal matters. Let The Farmer Firm be your corporate counsel to help you accomplish your business’s goals.

HR & Employment Law

Chris understands that your employees are your greatest resource and also potentially one of your largest liabilities. The Farmer Firm can help you make sure you are managing your employees properly to mitigate costs and risk.

Buying And Selling

Chris has represented buyers and sellers of businesses in transactions of all sizes. He understands the unique challenges sales of businesses in our industry face.

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    “Every business in funeral service faces the same risks, and every business deserves to be represented by counsel who understands the unique industry that we are in.”

    “For you, serving families who have lost a loved one is not just a job, it is a calling. I feel the same way about representing businesses in the funeral service industry. I am committed to representing those who dedicate their lives to serving families, and I am committed to serving your business.”

    — Chris Farmer


    – 2001, Introduction to the Funeral Service Industry

    As a young lawyer Chris handled multi-million dollar obstetrics, orthopedics, and employers’ liability fatality cases.

    The experience Chris gained in high risk, high pressure litigation prepared him to handle anything the practice of law could throw at him.

    – 2003-2008, SCI

    In 2003, Chris went in-house with Service Corporation International and handled its litigation internationally.

    Chris’s time at SCI gave him an un-paralled education in the funeral service industry. He learned about the different areas of the business, and worked on so many different types of matters during his time there, he knew this was where he had to focus his practice.

    – 2008-2014, Private Practice Death Care Law

    After 5 years at SCI, Chris wanted to find a way to expand his reach to be able to help other businesses in the industry. In private practice he grew a portfolio of clients across North America who covered the entire spectrum of business in funeral service.

    During this time, Chris was also General Counsel for, and on the Board of, the Cremation Association of North America, and General Counsel for the Texas Funeral Directors’ Association.

    – 2015, The Farmer Firm is founded!

    After a short stint at Carriage Services, Chris felt the calling once again to be available to serve the entire industry.

    Even when Chris was with Carriage, he kept receiving calls from businesses asking for help, unfortunately at the time, he wasn’t able to counsel them. Chris knew there was a real need for these businesses, and he felt that starting The Farmer Firm to serve these business was what he must to do.



    • Lawsuits & Government Investigations

      Whether you are the largest consolidator, a third party crematory, or somewhere in between, the risks funeral service businesses face from government investigations and lawsuits are the same. Call Chris to make sure your business is prepared to handle these lawsuits before they happen.

    • Business Matters

      While your calling may be serving families, your business is what allows you to take care of your client families, and your own family. Call Chris to make sure you are getting experienced legal advice for your business from someone that knows the industry in which you practice.

    • Succession Planning

      Whether you are looking toward your future, or looking to pass your business on to the next generation, it is never too early to start planning. Call Chris to make sure you are on the right track for the next phase for you and your business.

    • Mergers & Acquisitions

      Chris believes the largest sector of consolidation in the funeral service industry will occur in small and medium sized businesses. Whether you are thinking about expanding or have been approached about selling, call Chris to talk about your business’s future.

    • Employment Law

      The burden placed on small and medium sized businesses when it comes to employees is a heavy one. Between the wage and hour rules, handling complaints, discipline, and terminations, being an employer is a minefield of risk. Call Chris to make sure you are handling your employees properly.

    • Expert Witness

      Chris has assisted in drafting statutes in several states and regularly consults with regulators on industry issues. With over 13 years specializing in funeral service law and having seen hundreds of industry cases, call Chris if you need a true expert in your corner.